Whole Wheat’s Whole Story

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Most of us have been to led to believe that whole wheat is good for us. That may have been true at one time, but the food  procewheatssing techniques of today have change that. 

For a full explanation of what is different about today’s wheat and why it is bad for us, I highly recommend you read cardiologist Dr. William Davis’s book Wheat Belly. Here is a quick clip of why he says whole wheat is poison and here is a slightly fuller explanation for those willing to hunker down for half an hour (the best info starts at minute 24 onward):

A bagel at breakfast, a sandwhich for lunch and some pretzels for a snack over time adds up to a lot of wheat, not to mention all the foods wheat is added to for flavor and texture that we don’t even know to look for it.

You may think it is challenging to think about living without wheat/bread, but I think the more important question is: Can you live with it?

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