Salt vs. Mineral Salt: It Matters

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We’ve all heard that we ought to be mindful of how much sodium we ingest, but recent research suggests that it may be what kind of salt-not how much-that matters. Yale University and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg researchers found that the sharp increase in autoimmune diseases may be the related to the nutrient-less refined, processed and bleached salt that pervades our tabletops.

Mineral-rich Himalayan salt

Mineral-rich Himalayan salt

Mineral salts, like pinkish Himalayan rock salt or grey Celtic salt, dissolve into mineral ions.  Researcher Dr Hendel says,

These conduct electrical nerve impulses that drive muscle movement and thought processes. Just the simple act of drinking a glass of water requires millions of instructions that come from mineral ions. They’re also needed to balance PH levels in the body.

Mineral salts sound like food to me, while the typical table salt just sounds edible.

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4 Responses to “Salt vs. Mineral Salt: It Matters”

RSS Feed for A Path to Health Comments RSS Feed Have you been to this salt shop in N Portland, Janice? Or have you seen Bitterman’s book called Salted ( )? For Curious Farm, I use a minimally-processed sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean in California, and my taste buds have begun to register flavor differences in salts.

I knew of neither of those resources, Cathy, so thank you for sharing them. I did, however, just put Himalayan mineral salts on the shopping list for our next Whole Foods visit as I hear they have a pretty rockin’ salt section. I went salt free a year ago and then permitted a little back in after I felt my palate had cleansed. I find I need very salt to satisfy my tastes, but I definitely look forward to appreciating what real salt will be like.

that’s really helpful–i always worry about iodine due to thyroid issues, but obviously there are other sources:)

regan, sorry i din’t reply to this sooner. curious, are you worried about needing to get enough iodine or getting too much?

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